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Metcar is the trade name for a unique family of oil-free, self-lubricating, materials that have been under continuous development by Metallized Carbon Corporation for over sixty years

Metallized Carbon Corporation materials are used to produce machine parts for applications where relative motion or rubbing of components must occur with low friction and low wear. Metcar Grades can run dry in air or other gasses and they can run submerged in low viscosity liquids. They can run at high loads and high speeds at both high and low temperatures. Metcar materials rely mainly on graphite for their self lubricating properties. Fine particles of graphite and other solid lubricants are chemically bonded using a strong carbon binder. After bonding the material contains a controlled amount of available porosity. This porosity is filled, using vacuum-pressure impregnation, with metals such as copper, babbitt, bronze, antimony, silver, and nickel chrome to improve strength, wear resistance, and conductivity. The porosity can also be filled with thermal setting resins, inorganic salts, or glasses to produce materials with optimum characteristics for specific rubbing applications. Over 150 different Metcar Grades have been developed to provide customers with optimum materials for specific operating conditions. New Metcar materials are constantly being developed to meet new customer application requirements.

Metallized Carbon Corporation Engineered Carbon/Graphite Solutions for Severe Service Lubrication

Metallized Carbon Corporation has been supplying Industrial customers worldwide with Engineered Carbon/Graphite Solutions for Severe Service Lubrication since 1945. With corporate headquarters located in New York and manufacturing facilities strategically situated to serve the global market, Metallized Carbon manufactures the Metcar family of Solid, Self-Lubricating, Oil Free materials. With over 60 years of Application Engineering experience, the Company offers the field expertise and the hard data necessary to provide the Solid Choice for Lubrication to a wide variety of industries. Metallized Carbon is ISO 9001/2008 registered including product design and material development.

Metcar grades include a broad range of materials that provide lubrication in even the harshest environments. These materials utilize a carbon matrix as the structural component and graphite for lubrication. This matrix can be impregnated with Metals, High-temperature oxidation inhibitors, Synthetic resins or other proprietary materials. The primary industries that Metcar products serve are in fluid management, industrial high temperature processing, and specialty electrical. Automotive, aircraft/aerospace, military, petrochemical, building products and power generation are all market segments that benefit from the Technical and Applications knowledge offered through Metcar products manufactured by Metallized Carbon Corporation.

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